Zippo lighter dating guide

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Zippo lighter dating guide

Buy cars (mustangs, trucks, motorcycles) whatever he wants..

At the time of marriage I had no idea that he was a narcissist. The first stages of dating were great he was everything I thought I wanted. He managed with the help of his family to get our custody agreement reveresed and become custodial parent of our two young children.Starting in the mid 50s, a date code was stamped on the bottom of every Zippo lighter made.Narcissism is a spectrum disorder that ranges from a low level of traits to the full-blown narcissistic personality disorder. My husband has many narcissistic traits but I'm not sure he's a full-blown narcissist.He went for full visitation and I was told there was nothing I could do to black it even though I had proof that he exposed my 9-yr. After the divorce I tried to keep my distance from him because my counselor said he was not a safe person for me to be around. I told him numerous times that I felt like I was his "maid and whore." As long as the house was clean, dinner on time, and sex anytime he wanted, he was somewhat happy. The second time I got away I was a PTSD drinking smoking mess.He always finds ways to inject himself into my life. He found a way to get out of his child support and then took me to court wanting ,000 of it back. I'm divorced 5 years from ex-husband who was and still is a massive narcissist. The third time I escaped I had been to jail twice with no family or friends left. I am still rebuilding my life, my family and my self. When I met him I thought we would be together forever now just the scars remain.

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I've been to court several times trying to get things changed but no one will listen!

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