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This name is displayed on the tile in Start, in the tile's tooltip, next to the small tile representation in the Apps list, and in some Control Panel applications. It is the equivalent of the display name declared in the manifest for the app's main tile.

Gets or sets the location of a badge logo image to represent the secondary tile on the lock screen.

I get the same result when attempting an install from a USB drive Then the issue has to reside in either the system BIOS or the RAID controller BIOS.

If the settings are correct there then the only option is drivers/firmware or hardware failure on either the mainboard or the drive itself.

Stab in the dark ,turn raid controller setting to raid off , no raid or single drive.

You might also need to install additional 64 bit raid driver during windows installation.there was a issue like that in windows xp not sure about win 7 I am thinking now that you need to go into your main system BIOS and check your RAID controller settings, see if the options are IDE, RAID or AHCI. I was involved in a bad car accident, immediately before moving cross country. My workstation is actually being shipped to me now.

If you also want the secondary tile to be eligible for the lock screen's detailed tile slot, you must also set the Lock Screen Display Badge And Tile Text property to True.// Note that you should pick a unique ID that is descriptive and meaningful to your application. tile.request Create Async().then(function (is Created) ); The following example demonstrates how to delete (unpin) a secondary tile by using the Request Delete Async method. Text = "Sent to a secondary tile from Notifications Extensions! tile Updater.update(tile Notification); The following example demonstrates how to use the Badge Update Manager.create Badge Updater For Secondary Tile method to send a numeric badge notification to a secondary tile with an ID of "Secondary Tile. Create Badge Updater For Secondary Tile(Main Page.dynamic Tile Id). Create Notification()); var notifications = Windows. Dynamic"); // Send the notification to the secondary tile.// In this case, we explicitly code a single ID to focus our attention on the pinning operation. Note that this example assumes that the tile exists. Secondary Tile("Secondary Tile.01"); // Make the delete request. // Note: This sample contains an additional reference, Notifications Extensions, which you can use in your apps ITile Wide310x150Text04 tile Content = Tile Content Factory. "; // Provide a square version of the notification. Text = "Sent to a secondary tile from Notification Extensions! Square150x150Content = square Content; // Send the notification to the secondary tile by creating a secondary tile updater Tile Update Manager. tile Updater.update(tile Notification); Note This constructor may be altered or unavailable for releases after Windows 8.1. Secondary Tile(String, String, String, Uri, Tile Size) and supply other tile sizes and options through Secondary Tile. On Windows Phone 8.1, all tiles— including secondary tiles— are pinned at as medium tiles, after which they can be resized by the user. I am attempting to install Widnows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on my Lenovo D20.I only have one drive (GSkill Falcon 128GB SSD) connected to the SAS RAID controller (the only other drive is my DVD drive).

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The correct option with only one SATA drive is IDE not RAID as you are only using one drive, the RAID never comes into play here. I will comment absolutely as soon as possible; it was not my intent to neglect my questions or the other members who were so kind as to take the time to help me. I wrote an article here on EE as well about Windows 7 and SSD's.

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