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Is that the true appeal of Wilmer Valderrama: His larger-than-average dick?

The nice thing about Valderrama, I suppose, is that he keeps getting older, but his girlfriends remain the same age.

The pair have documented friendly reunions on social media since, including at a barbecue at Lovato's house in June.

"I've never loved anybody like I loved Wilmer, and like, I still love Wilmer," the star said.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who Valderrama rates as an “eight” out of 10 in the sack.

Mandy Moore, of whom Valderrama says the sex was good but not “like warm apple pie.” Avirl Lavigne, who Valderrama dated right after her divorce. Valderrama was her “first love.” They dated while she was still 17.

According to TMZ, the exes were “super friendly with each other, laughing as they ate guacamole.” Demi and Wilmer reportedly come to the restaurant often.

A source told Us Weekly, “Sometimes they kiss or hug. They definitely look like they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

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But apparently women — or at least, certain celebrity women who fit a certain type — like this grossness in a man.

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