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In today’s world internet dating has become increasingly popular.If you are making the move to an online dating website you may have a few questions about how the virtual world of internet dating progresses to a real life romance.When you set up your profile invest time in it and don’t just rush. Choose photos that feature you alone in a natural and well-lit setting. Ready, set, go – you are now ready to take that step forward and meet your match.

Love should not be based on a long list of conditions but defining what is important for you in terms of values and beliefs is a good starting point for any relationship. Zoe Coetzee is a Relationship Psychologist & Editor for Elite Singles.

On closer inspection, the differences between internet and traditional dating are not actually that vast.

In traditional dating people often meet through a social network, such as mutual friends or family.

Also consider your well-being, is this a positive time for you to embark on a new relationship?

On your terms and conditions Going through a serious break-up or divorce can be tough on anyone.

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This means that you are not rebounding in reaction to your last break up or looking for a warm place to rest your head as a distraction to heartbreak.