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We’re a group with really clear individuality in our members. What do you think about while waiting for a date to show up? If going on a date in Tokyo, where would you like to go?

If you had a girlfriend would you want to get in contact with her everyday? Even if I was busy I’d make sure to keep in touch with her.5. One where we act lovey-dovey and don’t mind the people around us (lol)6.

Tell us one thing about your room that you’re proud of!

I was up late reconsidering a song I had recording and thinking about how to make it better.18. Please tell us someone you’re good at impersonating! I also like doing impressions of Furuhata Ninzaburo-san.

I don’t like having to hide what I look like so I get noticed at times.11. In 2008, they performed at the Tokyo Dome for the first time, and released their tenth single, "Happy Birthday," which made News the second Japanese group after label-mates Kin Ki Kids to have ten consecutive number-one singles since their debut.On December 30, 2006, it was announced that News would make their return at Johnny's Concert Countdown 2006-2007 as a six-member group, since Hiroki Uchi and Hironori Kusano had been demoted to trainees. I haven’t changed the wallpaper since I first got it.6. What kind of wallpaper do you have on your cellphone? What do you want more than anything else right now?

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Because tickets were in such high demand, two more dates were added to the concert, which resulted in News performing at the Tokyo Dome for the first time. Their 12th number-one single titled "Sakura Girl" was released on March 31, 2010. The official press release from Johnnys & Associates explained that Nishikido was leaving because scheduling conflicts made it difficult for him to be active in both News and Kanjani8, while Yamashita was leaving to concentrate on solo projects.

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