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Speed dating spanish class

The learning objective for today was to create sentences with time expressions in our topics: daily routine (Year 5) and school (Year 6).I printed out 2 sets of sentences like "Me despierto a las 7." and "Leo en la biblioteca a las 11".I made fortune cookies for Year 5 and cocktail stick hearts for Year 6.At the beginning of the activity I told them that they had to find their better halves, or as they say in Spain, their half oranges:-) (la media naranja= the better half). They walked around the classroom saying their sentences and when they found their better halves, they could eat the hearts.

There were lots of giggles while doing this activity, be prepared!

However, if you truly don't feel you have the time to devote an entire period to the holiday of love, consider choosing several activities as Brain Breaks, Class Starters, Wrap Up activities or Fast Finisher activities!

This is such a FUN way to get your students speaking in the Target Language! ) Have fun with these yummy treats and help your students learn some fun Spanish vocabulary too!

A fun idea from Elisabeth (Spanish Mama) is the Freeze Challenge! (see left) Other ideas- "Find Something / Touch Something" with a Valentine's Day theme- "Find something red," "Touch something that has hearts on it." "Love it / Hate it / Like it" - designate places in the room for the options "love it / hate it / like it" and give Valentine's Day themed options.

You can teach useful Spanish vocabulary through games on Valentine's Day!

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Let me back track a little before I explain the activity itself.

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