Randi kaye dating

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Randi kaye dating

Talk of the reporter's possible contact high from the drug began Friday when CNN aired the final segment of its "Gone to Pot" series.After the segment -- which featured Kaye spending the day traveling around in a limousine full of weed smoke -- Kaye was fed into "AC360" live from Colorado via satellite.The Silver Fox kept coughing throughout the night, and I half expected him to announce that he suddenly came down with a serious case of instant pneumonia (read: quitthisbitch-itis) and had to leave the show, leaving Andy to co-host via Skype with his parents, who admitted that even they weren’t watching that shit show live.But there were a few saving graces on CNN’s New Year’s Eve show.And I know I’m acting like I wasn’t into CNN’s New Year’s Eve mess, but I was.

Don Lemon introduced his man to the world on #CNNNYE. This year, Randi had herself a beautifully green New Year’s Eve by reporting from a party bus filled with stoners getting high, and at a “ I don’t know who got more high last night: Randi Kaye or Kathy Griffin from inhaling the fumes of the bomb that Andy Squared dropped last night.

Enter: The triumphant return of drunk Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin, and Randi Kaye totally getting contact high while reporting from the Canna Bus in Denver! While many on Twatter were busy screaming at CNN to get Kathy Griffin to parachute into Times Square and save that very slow-moving train wreck, Andy Cohen was busy pissing off guests.

Andy Squared talked to Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, who were in Nashville where he was performing.

Grinning and giggling throughout the live linkup, Kaye admitted to Cooper that she might have gotten a slight "contact high" while covering the story for the network.

She added that she did "extensive research" while in the limo and actually began to forget the questions she wanted to ask and found certain things funnier than usual.

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