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When Danny Messer arrives at the warehouse to assist Adam with the crime scene, they take him captive, as well, despite Adam's attempt to call out a warning.

Adam, at Danny's direction, bravely and quietly recovers a caustic chemical from his field kit as Danny distracts their captors.

They discuss it a few days later and decide to not repeat it.

In the episode "Unfriendly Chat", Adam witnesses a murder on the internet, leaving him determined to find the murderer.

They torture Adam, forcing him to reveal information about the lab, and take his personal ID badge to facilitate access.Adam Ross is a fictional character on the television series CSI: NY. He even occasionally accompanies the field operatives to the crime scene in order to aid evidence collection or to assist in reconstruction. However, his skills are rather eclectic and diverse: Adam also works with trace evidence and has the qualifications and master's degree necessary to run a PCR DNA test to check for the presence of HIV (episode 320, "What Schemes May Come").When a vic is found dead in a doll warehouse dressed strangely, Adam is the CSI who realizes that the victim is dressed as an on-line avatar from Second Life (A game Adam plays) In the season five episode "Enough," Adam receives a letter that his job will be terminated within one month.He is greatly relieved when he finds out it is not Mac's doing, but instead due to budget cuts.

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Danny later uses the chemical to disable one of their captors.