Made dating service fees raleigh nc

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INSURANCE: Professional services are rendered and charged to you, not your insurance company.Please understand that the contract is between you and your insurance company and payment for services is your responsibility.Each company negotiates different benefits and clients are responsible for understanding their individual policies.We will only file claims to insurance companies for which we are in network; however we will supply you with any paperwork needed for you to submit your claim.This payment is due the day services are rendered to your child/children.Raleigh Therapy Services has a contractual agreement with the health insurance carriers to collect all co-pays on the date the services are rendered.Singles, especially single women, are becoming exhausted with the direction mobile dating is headed today.

Allowed Charges-Amount an insurance company will reimburse an in-network provider for services rendered to their client.

You will receive a statement that is mailed at the 1 of each month that shows a balance due, regardless of insurance expectations.

If at the end of sixty (60) days, your insurance has not paid, you will be responsible for the entire balance.

Authorization-Approval from insurance provider for a covered service to be eligible for payment.

Often takes 5-7 business days and allows for a maximum number of sessions within a certain time-period.

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Special financial arrangements must be made with the Office Manager prior to starting treatment.