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Free sissy sex date

Ginny reached the door to the newly decorated segment of the house, opened it and held it for Nicole who welcomed us in. Be that as it may, Ginny and Nicole were about my height and though they weighed less they were in great shape.Anna steered me so as to be in front of her and gave me a rough shove through the door She, Ginny and Natasha quickly entered the room as I complained to Anna about pushing me. If they were guys they’d be described as wiry.Struggling and shouting I was carried to a chair where I was strapped in before having my mouth covered with silver duct tape.What was scary was that the four females said hardly a word and were obviously skilled and practiced at this, as if they had done it before, as a team.The decorator, a Miss Natasha, was a really strange, but a very well preserved old gal. Besides the workers, only Nicole, Natasha, and of course, Virginia, or "Ginny" (as Nicole liked to call her) were permitted into the locked area.As dad and Brent were leaving for the airport, Nicole and dad were going over some last minute stuff.Over their shoulders they held medium to large sized handbags. I invited them in, then stood in the foyer surrounded by all four women, Nicole and Ginny having joined us.I felt uncomfortable, and then even more so, as Anna took hold of my arm and propelled me towards the rear of the house.

Anna and Nicole were only a little shorter in stature.

Still futilely struggling and groaning I decided to relax and appraise the suite and my conditions. The immediate room was mostly carpeted though there was an exercise area with gym equipment to my far left.

To the far right was a set of double doors that looked like it led to a boudoir.

In fact, two days after the remodeling of the rear wing of the house was complete Nicole suggested the three of us have a "grand unveiling" party on the following Sunday. Their makeup was extravagant, their brows being penciled and arched to give them a haughty look.

Their coiffures were lavishly styled, swept back and up. We’re here to join in the grand unveiling also", smiled Anna, wickedly.

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I wondered, if I got high with them if I could maybe get a threesome going. Unfortunately it turned out much different then I had planned. For the most part she’d stayed out of all the problems dad and I had, occasionally hoping that we "could get along better". In this case though, they’d outdone themselves. Each wore leather slacks and tops, Anna in red and Natasha in white.

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