Dating vintage clasps

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Dating vintage clasps

Tube and lever catches are also turn-of-the-century designs.The safety catch and spring-ring clasps moved us into a new era in the early 1900s, and by the 1940s, most of the modern clasps we use today were in production.Instead, articles are added on a regular basis to JEWEL CHAT on line Magazine, a wonderful reference for information on many makers and styles of vintage jewelry.

If they are slightly different metal or make than the body of the piece, you likely have a replaced clasp.

The style of clasps will often give us a relatively good idea of how old a piece is.

There are several types of clasps that were used on brooches from very early days right up to contemporary pieces.

An excellent illustrated guide to clasps can be found at the url: Chat

Before we finish this topic, we should mention that you could have jewelry with a replaced clasp.

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This old style C Clasp shows the pin extending quite a way beyond the brooch and held by a C piece of metal.