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Dating homestead women

Louis and Alton, from the muddy Missouri River towns.

Men who joined up for a keg of whiskey and five dollars a month.

The treachery of a fellow traveler, however, brings about her arrest, and she is caged with the criminal and deranged in a filthy women’s prison. Francis River gets up you had better stay there until you can make a crop, and you can go in the dry season. I must bring my letter to a close, leaving you in the hands of God.

But young Adair finds that love can live even in a place of horror and despair. I send you my best love and respect in this hour of death. You need have no uneasiness about my future state, for my faith is well founded and I fear no evil. Good-bye Amy Asey Ladd --Asa Ladd, a Confederate prisoner of war in Gratiot Street Prison, St.

The trained and disciplined Union troops had long ago been sent to the battlefields of the East, to Virginia and Tennessee, while the hastily recruited Militia had been sent down into the Ozarks to chastise the families whose men had gone to the Southern Army, to catch and arrest them when they returned from their six-month enlistments, and to punish those who might be suspected of harboring Southern sympathies.

Adair's father did not know what the law was on this matter, concerning men who had been in the Southern Army and had returned home and were soldiers no longer, or those who had never joined up at all but had no means of proving it.

They used a wagon spoke and afterward they threw it away stained with his blood and hair. There was a thin November snow coming down at that time from behind the Courtois Hills, light skeins of snow unwinding themselves over the valley of Beaverdam Creek. A strong wind came up out of the southwest and blew off Adair's bonnet and tore at her bonnet strings until she thought they would cut her throat.

They beat Adair's father in the face with such force Adair thought they had put his eye out. The cold rain came down driving like hail, and steam blossomed hot out of the fireplace where water was streaming down the chimney.The rain beat into his face, and the blood ran draining down in thin streams.Then the tilting wagon and the soldiers went off into a world of hammering water and the iron tires were surrounded by a thin halo of spraying mud.All through the last three years of the war Adair's father had tried to keep his children close to home. Her father had determined to stay out of the war and keep his children out of the reach of soldiers of either army and he had succeeded in this for three years.Because he was a justice of the peace, he was called Squire, and the newspapers he subscribed to came addressed to Squire M. He read in the Little Rock paper that the Missouri Union Militia was being thrown together out of troops dredged up from the riverfronts of St.

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The light fell from the twelve-paned windowlights onto the harvest table as he wrote, arguing to editors the causes and the Constitutional points of the war in letters that became harder and harder to mail.

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