Dating a man with ocd average amount of dating before engagement

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His coldness is off the scale during those times - the complete opposite to how he is. When my ocd was at its peak I was insufferable to live with.I want to gain more understanding of how these thought cycles work, and what I can do when they kick in. ROCD must be an exhausting and hugely upsetting condition to live with. I was forever seeking reassurance which never worked for long.In the past I have defended myself, and tried to use reason with him, but clearly this is not a solution. R x I have had rocd with nearly all of my partners. It’s tough but if he gives the thoughts less attention, eventually they will fade! The doctor put me on medicine which helped a bit, and referred me for CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy which was marvellous.Rocd basically makes you feel like you don’t love your partner, they’re not good enough, they’re not your type, etc.. Basically it’s just a mind game, and you have to tell yourself you do love your partner, and you’re not going to listen to those thoughts. Of course, each relationship comes with its unique issues, so there is no “one size fits all” playbook to handle the presence of OCD.There are, however, questions I feel should always be considered: When (not if) should you tell your significant other about your obsessive-compulsive disorder?He has told me he doesn't trust me, and questioned my love for him, despite the fact I have never given him any reason to think this, and have done so much to show him my love.We had an awful argument a week ago after which I resolved to not go back to him.

It's so helpful to know that during his 'episodes', it is not him, but the ROCD that is saying the cruel things.I did not have a perfect marriage - my husband was very controlling - but it was a long one (16 years) with happy moments and two gorgeous sons to show for it.Prior to this, I had a period of 3 years when I was very promiscuous.Hello everyone, I am new to this forum, and have to say that stumbling upon it has been like emerging from the darkest of tunnels into bright sunshine.I've read the posts with interest, nodding my head until my neck ached, and feeling a growing sense if relief with each one.

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