Camere chat online adult

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Camere chat online adult

Your own business strategy will dictate how much profit you gain from each.If you’re looking to maximize how much money you make from selling tickets online, though, your best bet is to sell on both.

Your website already seems to be the best resource online as far as teaching newcomers how to navigate this business.

Buying tickets on Stub Hub is a better experience than on e Bay because it’s so much more organized, but as a seller it can be hard to stand out.

Look out for future posts where I’ll explain the best way to make sure your listings stand out on Stub Hub. They’ll eat you up on both sites whether you like it or not, but the lesson here is that e Bay has lower fees than Stub Hub, and by a pretty good margin (about 93% vs. Although e Bay charges a listing fee while Stub Hub doesn’t, this is minimal compared to the Final Value fee that Stub Hub charges.

And speaking of dealing with buyers: You probably know that potential buyers on e Bay can contact the seller directly and ask them any question they want at any time. Stub Hub allows absolutely ZERO communication between the buyer and the seller, no exceptions. If you absolutely need to speak to the buyer, you would need to contact Stub Hub and ask to contact the buyer.

Looking at my records, my profits are about split 50/50 between my tickets sold on e Bay and Stub Hub, so there is no clear “winner” between them.

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When I first started selling concert tickets online, I thought I would let the market decide the price of my tickets and just list all my tickets as auctions. (This is why e Bay is so popular–items sold as auctions almost always sell cheap!

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