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Aircrew dating

The most commonly reported UAP shape is round or oval.

Interestingly, most of the E-M effects occurred when the UAP was nearby the aircraft.

The article, titled Unexplained Sightings Met With Denial, documents NARCAP's role in addressing the issue of aviation safety and UFOs/UAP.

The article first appeared in the Providence Journal on May 3, 2001, and then, through national syndication, in the San Francisco Examiner and other major newspapers in mid-May, 2001.

Since 1995, the British Civil Aviation Authority, CAA, has been releasing case files of aviation related observations and incidents involving UFOs/UAP.

From a total of 1,300 reports fifty seven (4.4%) were found that involved E-M effects.

This bias stifles open discussion of UAP amongst aircrews, management, safety administrators, and the researchers who try to acquire information on this important topic.

On several occasions civilian aircraft with hundreds of passengers have encountered unknown cigar- or missile-shaped objects.

Another catalog of aircraft-UFO-encounter cases (referred to by Velasco in Section 5) is being compiled by Weinstein (1997) as a GEPAN/SEPRA project; this catalog currently contains several hundred aircraft-UFO-encounter cases.

R Statistics show that across the world UFO sightings occur at a rate of around one every two or three minutes. Richard Haines is a Senior Research Scientist at the NASA-Ames Research Centre.

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R This is a case file of 1300 Aviation related UAP observations dating from 1916 to the present.

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