A biblical reformation of dating

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A biblical reformation of dating

In short, there is a religious way to talk about religion and a secular way to talk about religion.So that’s the kind of talking about religion that I’m going to do today-the more secular talking about religion.

I couldn’t expect that they knew much at all about Christianity. I’d ask them to draw a line between the two, and it’s amazing – (laughter) – the lines that they would draw in their heads. (Laughter.) And again, these weren’t obscure things. And so now, when I read stories in magazines and newspapers–Appalachian State beats Michigan, or any other David and Goliath story – I always kind of laugh and think nobody knows that story.And I found that the conversations I have with my friends in journalism and in publishing are actually, in a lot of cases, more interesting than the conversations I have with my colleagues about American religion.What I’d like to do today is talk a little bit about this religious literacy project that I’ve been working on.(Laughter.) My father doesn’t read, unfortunately; that would have been 4 percent.So I’ve been making an effort to talk more and more with editors and publishers and journalists and that’s been wonderful for me.

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(Chuckles.) The other thing that I want to say by way of introduction is that the last few years I’ve made a concerted effort to try to be writing more and more for the general public instead of for academics.

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