Yahoo instant messenger adult chat rooms

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With competing instant messaging apps and the rise in texting, convincing users to pay for instant messaging became a hard sell.In 2007 the company removed chat rooms from AIM and launched a stand-alone app for Windows users.On the whole chat rooms are aimed at particular groups, these can include young children, Teens, Adults, singles, hobbies, and chat rooms with very mature subjects including sex.Some of these sites are actively moderated to try and prevent inappropriate chat including cyber bullying.Yahoo will be pulling the plug on its instant messaging application Yahoo Messenger.

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Yahoo Messenger is also one of the first apps to feature BUZZing and music-status.

The application also led to few popular abbreviations such as ASL (Age, Sex, Location).

AIM, with its limited functionality, seems antiquated in comparison.

If you’re yearning for those simpler days, however, Yahoo Messenger is still around.

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