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World of warcraft intimidating shout

Reinforced Armor is the optimal talent to choose in this tier.Providing you with an additional 10% health is essential.Combining the boosted healing the talent provides with enraged regeneration turns it into a massive heal that can save you from even critical health.The duration of ER means you can get two massive bloodthirsts off as well.Providing an additional 20% increased damage over a 20 second period is crazy when coupled with the rest of your burst rotation. If your struggling to stay alive I would suggest picked either Furious Charge or Warpaint.

If the majority of the DPS is melee I would suggest taking Disarm, however if they are ranged I would take Death Sentence.

The 30% movement speed increase for 6 seconds is also great for catching those super mobile classes. Inner Rage is the optimal talent to choose in this tier.

Raging Blow no longer requires you to be enrage and deals 150% increased damage.

Being able to reflect important utility spells is essential! After raging blow the same target twice you go into a trance causing to regenerate 3% of your health and 5 rage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.

If you are struggling with survivability this is definitely a great solution If, however you don’t feel you need the extra survivability but instead need extra mobility Barbarian is a great alternative.

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