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Their relationship and subsequent marriage was highly publicized in the media and was deemed an incredible success.

But soon, the duo sent hearts across the nation shattering when news of their separation hit the news.

2009: The couple parted ways in 2009 and things did not end well.

Mayer took it especially hard, saying their age gap was a big factor in the split, a famously harsh quote of his being, “The brunt of her success came before TMZ and Twitter.

2005: Despite being expected to butt the trend for celebrity marriages crashing and burning, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced they were separating on January 7, 2005, finalizing their divorce much later, on October 2 of the same year.2006: After about a year together, Aniston and Vaughn called it quits.They had tried to give the media the impression that things were fine, including Vaughn suing tabloids that were trying to say he was having an affair, but as they began to spend more time apart, it became clear that this was just another blip on the Jennifer Aniston dating timeline.In the period in-between the announcement and divorce, it was suggested that the split was caused by Pitt having an affair with Angelina Jolie, whom Pitt, of course, hooked up with shortly after his split from Aniston.Fans ended up taking sides between Aniston and Jolie and media speculation ran rampant long after the divorce was finalized, even still occasionally being brought up today.

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Speculated reasons for the split included Aniston rushing Donovan to the altar and Donovan having an issue with making less money than her.

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