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*Note: the Semester One option is only available to those students on an exchange for one semester only.If you are studying for a full academic year, you are not eligible for this option.We can assist you with finding temporary accommodation to ensure you have a place to stay before you move into your semester residence. When you accept your place in residence, you’re agreeing to live there for the full residential period stated on your residential agreement.You will be charged for the full period stated, regardless of if you move out a few days earlier.Bay Campus, Singleton Park Campus and Swansea City Centre are also linked by National Cycle Route 4. Student life at the University of Birmingham is so much more than your bedroom.The term types below correspond with the residential agreement periods you can apply for in 2018. 2019 - Semester Two: from July to November/December.2019 - Academic Year: from February to November/December.

The Resident Assistants from University of Limerick explain what is like to be an RA on such a beautiful campus, working to ensure that our students have an amazing experience while staying in residence and what the benefits of working with our Village teams are.

We are global student accommodation specialists, Campus Living Villages (CLV).

As the only student accommodation provider working across four regions and six countries, we are committed to creating tailored student communities that suit the unique culture of each campus, university or city we work with.

After the completion of your January examinations, you will move to the Bay Campus with your same group of housemates for the remaining 2nd and 3rd terms.

Thus giving you not only a reduction in the overall cost of your residence fees but also the great opportunity to spend your spring and summer months by the beach.

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