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She finds herself stroking and patting him more than normal.

She thinks to herself I have tasted him fully (I suppose it is right I have had sex with him he feels good).

She carried on walking where was the woman she could see the guy and the dog.

As she walked on she got a shock the woman was squatting and having a pee.

She has now accepted that it was a nice taste and she would like to do it again.

She comes back down to earth and starts to do the housework and the washing.

do I go back she has turned round and looking at me.

She is smiling morning she is saying I cannot here her but her lip movement is obvious.

As she walked on she saw the couple up ahead of her, o no!O I’m sorry I could not wait I thought I would have been done before you got here.The girl could not keep her eyes of the flow of piss, “that is a lot she found herself saying”.Sunday Morning after first experience K9 sex The day after; her first K9 experience.The girl wakes to a lovely warm feeling her body is radiant.

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