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First of all Dean did not say one bad thing about you – he didn’t even agree when it was suggested that by divorcing you he dodged a bullet – even though he did.Second of all who are you to be telling anyone to get over it.I guess you have that assumption that the person that you’re with would never do something like that. If anyone would have seen it, I thought that I would have.“ Dean also said that it was Le Ann who warned him that the infamous pictures of her licking Eddie’s fingers in a restaurant would be hitting the stands.Pictures I believe she orchestrated, as she does daily with the paparazzi.It was during this time that Le Ann was widely rumored to having an affair with her co-star in Northern Lights, Eddie Cibrian.

Oh I get it you the “big celebrity” is allowed to talk about the time you boned another man’s wife and stalked his family but no one else is.At this time, Dean also served as Le Ann’s manager and he managed all her bookings and tours.Gradually, the couple fell out of love and differences started cropping up.Now use it in a sentence and try and apply it to your life.There was not one moment that Dean ever spoke ill of Le Ann and even said, “ This did not stop Le Ann from being all Le Ann and tweeting a passive aggressive message to Dean basically telling him to get over it: For those who doubt that this tweet was meant for Dean she went and confirmed that it was with this little exchange: She was quickly called out for her disrespectful tweet number 10,042 when someone tweeted her this little gem: Really Le Ann, have you not even an ounce of self-respect or decency (I am guessing no).

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