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However, what’s even more surprising than their marked differences is how powerful positive psychology and life coaching are when used in harmony.In order to truly understand how these 2 compare, let’s start by gaining a better understanding of what they really entail.We just had a little celebration of our first 6 months! I feel better socializing, my social circle is more in line with what I want, I work on my self esteem by investing in myself, I determine my own value now instead of letting others do so." "Nick helped me be my best self.

The surface level definitions don’t really do a great job of distinguishing these 2 very different approaches towards well-being.

And business coaches, drawing on their own corporate experience, would offer guidance and insights into clients looking for a change or improvement of their work performance.

The field of coaching is still recent and somewhat unregulated, meaning that it’s fairly easy for anyone to call himself a coach.

Coaching and therapy are distinct in many ways and it’s important to draw a clear line between them.

Therapy is, generally speaking, for people dealing with a psychological issue that undermines their ability to function in healthy and adaptive ways.

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Therefore, coaching is for healthy and functioning people who seek change in their lives that will result in greater fulfillment both personally and professionally.

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