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I spent 5 days drinking vitamin and mineral rich green vegetable juices and eating salad.

The nutritional infusion was enough to boost my health so that I could drive across country to Arizona in search of safe housing.

Around two years ago after a pesticide exposure in Florida, my challenges with clothing became insurmountable and I found myself sitting naked in my apartment for a week.

This process has enabled me to get several shirts and pants tolerable, as well as a light blanket.

I also add several handfuls of sea salt once the water is boiling.

Be careful, as the sea salt can discolor and stain your clothing – best to push the clothes aside with a stainless steel tong as you dump the salt in and swirl it around so that it dissolves and does not sit in a clump on your clothes.

Even organic cotton, wool, linen, bamboo, and hemp materials can cause problems for many with chemical intolerances, because we can become sensitized to the natural plant oils.

To add to the problem, many of us do not tolerate laundry detergents and cannot clean our clothes even if we are able to get them tolerable enough to wear.

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