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A note on the passion: It is hotter than the first two and had me hoping no one else on the corporate jet was reading over my shoulder ;) Don't get me wrong though, I loved it!!! She is curvy, intelligent, and funny and not afraid to be herself, though she doesn't do war paint and has unruly curls. He has no clue that his I love these little spicy bites that Taiden creates. Grayson is a growly and sexy tiger who needs a mate and needs her yesterday.

She finally has given up on finding a good man the traditional route, after all her clock is ticking. The stories in the series tell a complete story but they are short and sweet enough to be read in one setting. Geri Wilder is up to her match-making ways again and she hooks Alyssa Moran with a little docile kitty, *LOL... Members of his pride are threatening to overthrow him because he hasn't produced cubs.

Shockingly enough, she is promised a man who likes cats, wants kids, likes curves and will be wild in bed. Of course, not all is at it seems and some people want Alyssa gone and Gray dead.

Who is he to argue with someone as delectable as Alyssa decides she wants to give herself to him?

They are looking for husbands, love and happiness for the rest of their lives.

They use all their opportunities to achieve a good education, to find a good job and to build a career.

If you have seen the libraries decorating most Russian houses, you have a good example of this cultural level.

Sadly, it's this simple reality that causes Alyssa to go running away from him.

There is a bit of the "Mate" and "Mine" phenom happening in the stories but it works very well in these potent shorts! Her Series The Paranormal Dating Agency has me hooked.

Gerri the lady that runs the PDA is just so precious and doesn't take nothing from no one.

He has no clue that his friend will intervene on his behalf and call the PDA.

And, Grayson gets the shock of his life when he stumbles upon Alyssa -- while he is in his tiger form.

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