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Funny thing is, the day before a Shaw tech was going to replace our service, MTS shows up and repaired their cables. The coveted accolade places Birmingham as the UK’s number one university for securing a graduate-level job and comes just two years after being named University of the Year in 2013-14.It will be fine for a while then for an hour straight ill barely be able to load a youtube video. You're not paying for wireless, your paying for the line into your home and choosing to use an unreliable way of splitting your connection.ISPs don't sell you wireless internet, fuck I HATE that term.Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir David Eastwood, said: “When students choose to go to University, they are making a big investment in their future.When they choose to study at Birmingham they are choosing a university that is profoundly committed to preparing them for a successful and fulfilling life ahead, as well as a world class education.You'll get better range and theoretical faster speeds.Though your internet connection will always be the limiting factor.

From south winnipeg by the way so i doubt its a regional thing I understand that wireless is going to be slower, but if im paying for wireless i expect it to at the very least be stable.

After MTS got dispatched to our house, it was normal for a few days, until service was gone. The tech came out, and then later said to us the problem was worse, and it was the cabling, and affected several other houses on our block.

The most ridiculous thing is that it took MTS 3 weeks to get their cabling department to get us back into service.

Android: 4.4 : : MTS PJSC Google Play:

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If you have been having problems since day one then there may have been an issue with the install.