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Live sex chat canl cahat

,l Mk^ .*dn J V«.or-TUl Wfl L ^lullirwbl Jbd .nr, nm I AH MECHANIC. fhk, EA 511*3 Ji OL POPULAR JLICCHAPUICS ■ APRIL V^Q PM HOTLINES COMMUNICATE WITH US We're trying oui best to make it easier fen you 10 communicate with us, Here are four w ays you can do i L HOTLINE PHONE NUMBERS Specral telep Mooe numbers here sf Fopu Jtfr MKhancj allr w you 10 e y Oul [noug Jin Whtb Dthe* readers who can in Wew users will get an identification num- ber arc! The aim is to develop a weapon that can launch from a plane, ship or subma- rine standing a safe distance from a target.

'Hi is ap- proach gave us much more con- trol than we would have had doi ng t he work i n someu ne’s actu- al home. A one-man sub that incor- porates aircraft technology to go deeper and faster underwater — and therefore cover a larger area while exploring — than any previous submersible. Our other ne w addition is Rkk Titus ;i* West Coast Editor, Titus has served on the staffs of Hat Rnd anil Motor Trend and l;ist year Won the Driv- ers Championship in the Spoils Car Club of America s Escort Showroom Stock scries in GT class. contributing editor* Stl Cfi Cetfechn CHogy Abe Dane, editor Fred Mackeroctt, contributing editor Writ Coast Rick Ttttis, editor Edttorlai Production John Rnplunian Jr., art qfhter Deborah Frank, production editor Nancy Co Kjjirus, art assistant Robin Ij*Sa Jle, *bu L production editor Art Alan Andi Wn, Tnm Kann h Suainne Mc Clreigb L associate art directors Editorial Admlnfstrat Jon Jci*e]jlw H? For rv Lum, they must be amim- puiliml by lh U ■A ill. O Ecr rdt h 1'^* mhirifw fex M£t£t AMl Qi tflibw-rai Uiin- oirrli'r'i 4 UHJLtiric.^- VQ. pa^w Drr J rhai allow iten to ac- cess trie system. Thu missile must then approach at low altitude while maneuvering to avoid defenses!

But now with Valve Ann or I^ad Substitute Plus, you can get that protection even when you use unleaded fuel.

Spin thrusters will be needed to produce artificial gravity ranging from 0 to L5G, A typical mission would begin with launch aboard an expendable rocket into a cir- cular orbit between 200 and 550 miles high.

FAX MACHINE you can but written marl to u* iiygu fwe access so a fas machrne Our fan number rs f ZI2| S06-5S6Z and is available 74 hour-. Concrete without the mixing, the mess or the NQMi X |, J is (he only inslant concrete that entirely eliminates mixing Prepare your area (or concrete, till youj form hall way with waiei, I hen pour NOMIX Instant Concrete I ram Ihe bag into the water and it sets hard in jils J. There's cr NOMIX in<mt concrete for every job— NQMIX Instant Concrete, Past Set* and Instant Concrete Pa tch. c 1990 nomix We Mak& Concrete Easy" NOMIX CORPORATION POPULAR MECHANICS * APRIL 3990 5 The time has come for a new kind of full-size luxury; You're looking ill i Hi -ill r M Hnip-'ii if u-, Jii-i Ulitl Wi Smim i Im tn k \ lln- l In Wimk i i ml ili-m U .i| i n ■ .m pryj Mi hi I ir-uli in.n h-. Schulz - (313) G4&4S&1 LOi Anod H 3000 Ocean Park Blvcl. West Coast Manager AUhri R, du Pont - (213) 4504^1 Direct Jl^donsc Advertizing Barbara Junta, Manager - (2 12) 649-3139 Ctanfflcd Sales Miruw Sophie Grunthwicz - (2L2) Production Manager Canute L. When these have been settled on h the contrac- tors will enter a 3-year dem- onst ration and validation phase, followed by full-scale development.

JUk I lit NQMIX lie luipbar yardii and home cenlin. Texas Instrunumts concept shows long-range conventional I off weapon id be launched from p Jan « 1 or ships. dye that flows along the fuse- lage surface, the plane indi- cates airflow patterns that are nearly impossible to pre- dict through normal wind tunnel or computer modeling techniques.

His- torically, linoleum tended to replace floorcloth* in bigh- \ raffic areas like entry halls and kitchens.

Early linoleum patterns were seen as attract] ve in that they emulated better flooring materials on a cheaper basis.

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if ■ m ■ mm jpl# %l| Jf v A Is a trouble-free polyurethane too much to ask? Wipe On Poly Finish (mm 3M, you yet a smooth, beau- tiful, more protective |oly urethane Finish without bubbles and brushmurks. Over bare wood or with slain: it accents the beauty of the wood. ft's part of the wood refinishing system from 3\1 *** H km llic w*hi whdrwvkh I* print*. 7 7 Owne rs Report; Chevrolet turn Ina A new car with a character aft its own. 38 Home Finance How to save money on your homeowner's insurance.

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