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During the show’s three seasons, Veronica worked on several cases like the murder of her best friend Lilly, a mysterious bus crash that kills many of her fellow students, and incidents of assault on her college campus.The series was created by Rob Thomas, and was originally meant to revolve around a male protagonist.At a field trip, Meg deliberately causes Veronica to be left at a gas station, unknowingly saving her, as the bus crashes right after.Meg is the only survivor, but she’s left in a coma and pregnant with Duncan’s baby.Veronica was one of the strongest female teens on television, proving once more that girls can be smart and fend for themselves.

In addition to being the voice of Gossip Girl, she also landed the female leads in the drama House of Lies and the NBC comedy The Good Place.Since then, she landed recurring roles in hit shows like True Blood and Grey’s Anatomy, and was also cast to play the role of Florence in the CBS action drama Scorpion.Jackie is a rich and entitled student at Neptune High, and the daughter of famous baseball player Terrence Cook, who formerly played for the Neptune Sharks.Veronica Mars is a teen noir mystery drama, which aired on UPN (and later The CW) from 2004 to 2007.The show is about a girl who works as a private investigator along with her dad, solving mysteries on her own while attending high school and later college.

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And apparently, the actresses who played these characters are just as amazing in real life.

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