Grand rapids speed dating events

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The geologic theory that Earth's crust is composed of rigid plates that "float" toward or away from each other, either directly or indirectly, shifting continents, forming mountains and new ocean crust, and stimulating volcanic eruptions.

Aided by gravity and steep slopes, rushing water can carry increasingly larger and heavier objects, including boulders as large as cars.

Instead, it was mainly the slow, orderly process of erosion, the wearing away of the planet's surface through the action of wind and water.

While wind has played a part in their formation, its effect has been subtle.

When it runs over the canyon, it descends in a wall of water that blasts through the canyon, eroding the walls and floor.

As quickly as the water appears, it disappears, leaving the canyon dry and slightly changed until the next flood.

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Canyons exist below the rim of the land, below the horizon.