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His game plan for meeting women this way is to focus on your goal of getting a 45 minute coffee date with her. Then ask her about to remind her that you don’t want to just be her e-mail ‘buddy.'” He goes on to explain that after a few emails, you should go for the home phone number and the coffee date.

I’m an unabashed fan of Doc Love, even though sometimes he seems to be a few years behind the times. He’s a pretty old guy, so stuff like Internet dating and text messaging are a lot newer for him than for the rest of us.This post mostly addresses instant messaging, and the thinking behind it probably also applies to texting.The reader is of the opinion that when a woman sends you an IM or text, and you don’t respond immediately, then you’re creating significant amounts of interest by being a challenge.In another of Doc Love’s posts, he explains how to use online dating sites to meet women and start dating.In this post, he admits that Internet dating IS where it’s at in terms of meeting women these days.

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If schools aren’t required by law to only teach abstinence-only education, then at most we get a glorified plumbing lesson instead of what we really need to know.