Dating website called cupid gay dating in reading pa

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Dating website called cupid

Homophily -- the old "birds of a feather" phenomenon that finds people seeking out those who are similar to them -- is alive and well in the online dating world, particularly when it comes to race. While homophily is a big factor in terms of determining whether a user sends that initial message -- you're much more likely to reach out to someone of your own racial background than you are to reach out to someone of a different race -- similarity can actually hurt your chances of receiving a reply.

And diversity, for its part, can help those chances.

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Even Facebook is used these days as a means for finding love.

"We have a remarkably impoverished understanding of what people care about in mate selection," says Kevin Lewis, a sociologist at Harvard, largely because the only large data sets previously available for analysis -- public marriage records -- don't actually contain much data.

Bernath, who is also a Chabad rabbi, took his matchmaking abilities online after he made twenty matches in his community. and Canada who cater to young professionals, to establish websites that would help young singles find a match within their own city.

So far, according to Chabad, has facilitated more than 250 introductions. In addition to the four websites that are currently live, ten additional sites are set to be launched over the coming year.

According to CNN, JDate was awarded the title of Official Honoree of the Webby Awards, also known as the Oscars of the Internet, back in 2008.

The dating website was honored in the social networking category out of more than 10,000 entries submitted from 60 countries, reported CNN.

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au in Sydney, Australia, which is run by Rabbi Mendel Kastel, went live earlier this year.

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