Dating mausli

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The green tea leaves can be re-used three times, i.e.the 'father' pot is re-filled with water three times.I commented that one doesn't come across traditional tea ceremonies very often, and Kang translated that this had to do with the Japanese occupation which tried to stamp out a lot of Korean traditions.Tea ceremonies are generally associated with people of higher social standing, then and now, and this explains why the judge would have 'treated' us to this: as a way of welcoming us, but also maybe to make us appreciate that we were in 'important' company.

She used a different kind of pot - similar to the 'mother' pot - for this tea.

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The tea leaves - he used early-harvest green tea - are placed into the 'father' pot and then it is filled to the brim with boiling water.

It is left for about a minute, no longer, and then the tea is poured into the 'mother' pot/cup.

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