Dating for highly intelligent people

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For leaders with higher intelligence than this, their scores in transformational and instrumental leadership were lower, on average, than less smart leaders; and beyond an IQ of 128, the association with less effective leadership was clear and statistically significant.Of note is that Antonakis’ team also predicted that very high intelligence would correlate not only with less use of effective leadership methods, but also greater use of harmful leadership styles (such as laissez-faire leadership). Very smart leaders weren’t falling prey to bad approaches, they were struggling to use the good ones.

And they also give defensive managers an excuse for a poor performance review: “I’m too clever for these guys!The bitter spat over how to avoid a hard Irish border issue has been threatening to torpedo the talks altogether as both sides adopt increasingly entrenched positions.Mrs May warned that Northern Ireland cannot stay within Brussels' jurisdiction for customs and regulations, saying she could 'never accept' terms that would tear the UK apart.The brutal intervention will dash the premier's hopes that she could make a breakthrough after forcing the compromise plan through Cabinet.Delivering a speech in Belfast this morning, Mrs May again appealed for the EU to take a 'pragmatic' approach.

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