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Pipes of clay were first smoked in England after the introduction of tobacco from Virginia in the late 16th Century.Devon born sea captain, Sir Walter Raleigh, who founded colonies in the New World, was one of the first to promote this novel habit, although religious leaders did not approve and persecuted people for it.His is the most important contribution made to the history of colonial American pipe making. 1733) Throughout Virginia's colonial centuries, tobacco was the economic lifeblood of the Old Dominion, and unless one rolled it to smoke as a cigar, or took it as snuff, a pipe was as necessary to its consumption as fire.The pipe, so lily-like and weak, Does thus thy mortal soul bespeak. Pipes are known in silver, brass, pewter, iron, and even lead, but clay was the primary material and so remained until the end of the nineteenth century.

Interest in the history of the evolution of the clay pipe's bowl, however, goes back a deal further and was the subject of scholarly interest as early as 1863.

The humble clay that had once been so commonplace had come another full circle and, in our modern times, has been returned back to a novelty status enjoyed on occasions by collectors, nostalgic smokers and re-enactors of times past.

In 1992, while searching for Sir Walter Ralegh's Lost Colony on Roanoke Island, North Carolina, excavators found fragments of aboriginal pipes smoked there by colonists in 15.

In the native Indian tribes of what we now call America, smoking had already been an important ritual that had been practiced for many centuries before.

At first only the rich could afford tobacco, being an expensive luxury, although farmers soon began to cultivate fields of it here in England.

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From this small beginning the taste for "drinking tobacco" was born.

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