College dating gay sample dating game questions

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College dating gay

Depending on the choices you make you will meet and build relationships with different girls.

This sim date game has five different girls for you to get to know and date.

Find love and romance before the college year finishes.

Most colleges have some sort of LGBT support group.

You'll have lots of like-minded students to hang around (and sleep! It's located near the halls of power which is great for internships at the Capitol and the White House, so you can hang around (and maybe sleep with! Negatives: Everyone at Georgetown and George Washington will look down on you. Pennsylvania State University Positives: Penn State knows how to party.), but what many don't realize is that it has perhaps one of the country's finest musical theater programs.Negatives: Do you know how cold it gets in Michigan?There are multiple different endings with each girl based on your choices and actions.This means there is a huge story to be explored so you may want to play multiple times.

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Negatives: Do you really want to deal with all those hippies and political correctness? Oberlin College Positives: A strong liberal arts school with a world-renowned school of music, Oberlin is shockingly diverse for being in the middle of nowhere in Ohio.

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