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Some 98.6% of Brazilian exports are handled by 45 publicly owned ports and 131 private port terminals.However, these facilities urgently need to be modernised in order for Brazil to maintain its status as the main gateway to South America.The Antwerp dock workers are legendary for their efficiency and professionalism, and APEC has already introduced the same training model in the Indian port city of Mumbai.Strategic importance Brazil is the seventh most important trading partner for the port of Antwerp, generating a cargo volume of 7.1 million tonnes of mainly containerised freight including deep-frozen goods, agricultural products, fuel derivatives and metal products.Strong reputation APEC, the training subsidiary of Antwerp Port Authority, already has a strong reputation in Brazil, as 660 port professionals have already followed training courses in Antwerp.

The second step is to build a team that is responsible for handling customer inquiries in real time.

Store managers should be encouraged to receive orders through messaging, and users should be able to set their delivery and payment preferences. If your brand is set up around a topic that inspires people or draws them together, such as fitness, fashion, or cars, then messaging apps can help you build and foster that community.

You just have to create a group message, make it accessible to your most loyal customers, and use this space to foster engagement and build excitement around new products.

It also has a tremendous success rate: 98% of messages are opened and read.

(For comparison, a good open rate for email is 22%, and a post performing well on Facebook is seen by 7% of the intended audience.) Clearly, messaging apps present an enormous opportunity for businesses that want to connect with their users. As the world becomes more mobile, they will increasingly turn to direct messaging, simply because it’s faster and easier.

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In Brazil and India, small apparel shops use messaging to alert recurring customers when a new collection has arrived and to share pictures and videos of their products.

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