Amy poehler dating adam scott

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Amy poehler dating adam scott

FEY: My original deal was to create a show for NBC as a writer only, but when we came up with this idea, I figured, “Why not? Before I said yes, I talked to Amy (Poehler) and asked her, “Am I getting too old for this? ” She helped me remember to think like a male comedian.

When Ray Romano or Jerry Seinfeld got their shows, I don’t think they ever had a moment like, “Am I good enough to do this?

She knows more about Star Wars than stereotypically girly things, and she barely notices when there’s a big chunk of lettuce in her hair.

It’d be easy to dismiss her geeky persona as a carefully calculated veneer designed to win over fans.

Directed by Stu Zicherman, the comedy focuses on a young man (Scott) who discovers that he was enlisted in a study about divorced children many years ago.

Maybe both.” PLAYBOY: Did you want to be the star of or would you have preferred to remain behind-the-scenes?

But the other half is an introverted underdog who makes up for her lack of confidence with a biting sense of humor.

If life really does imitate highs school, then she’s the hot cheerleader that everybody wants to sleep with and the band geek who’ll make fun of you for being so shallow. If she knows what she’s doing, she’s not about to break her poker face.

” I need to stop worrying so much about what other people think.

PLAYBOY: Just how much of when you had to be the boss and didn’t like it? Tim Herlihy, who was my co-head writer, threw me to the wolves in the most hilarious way. ” PLAYBOY: Did you have a lot of conflicts with the other writers at called me that word, and my response was just, “No! I’m not some child of an alcoholic who will take that kind of verbal abuse!

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We sent writer Eric Spitznagel to interview Fey at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, where they sipped coffee by the pool and talked for most of the day. There were no blanket tents or pillow fights, sadly, but Tina was sans makeup and dressed casually in an oversized t-shirt.

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