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I have watched both sides volley protest back and forth about these issues, or as some have referred to them as “distractions”.

Let’s bring a few things to the table and take a look at them objectively: character and judgment.

“We know what is it like, and we were saved from it all in 2003.

Looking at the photos and videos from raqqa one inevitable comes to a conclusion: the American “prevailed”, the could destroy the city during 4 months like real battles could not destroy Aleppo during 4 years.

The text of the statement quotes brigade general Jonatan Brag: «colaition does not justify any agreements which help DAESH terrorists to leave Raqqa escaping justice, but the Americans save civilians in such a way who are still threated greately by the terrorists».

But why when coalition planes have been bombing the city into the dust for 4 months Pentagon was not bothered by civilians’ lives.

THEY advanced under the cover of darkness, but make no mistake the armed forces of the Republic of Iraq intended to bring light to the desperate people of America in their time of need, WWN reports from the frontline of the emerging conflict.

As emboldened tyrant Donald Trump further strengthened his position of power in America after securing more Republican primary victories, America’s dire state of affairs led to one country intervening on behalf of the innocent citizens of the downtrodden Western nation.

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So Raqqa is not fully liberated and cleared even though a great number of ISIS* terrorists had been officially released from the city by US-led coalition.

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