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All 100 persent  dating sites in holland

Dr Andrew Murray was the insperation behind the building of the Huguenot Seminary, and establishment for the Christian Education of girls and young ladies.

Wellington became known as the birthplace of education for ladies in South Africa.

A new era broke in 1871 with the arrival of the Reverend Dr Andrew Murray.

The clock tower was built first and then the building.

The market square was the centre of town where everything revolved around.

Wellington boasts true country hospitality, some of the most idyllic wedding venues in the Cape Winelans, an award winning wine route, beautiful wine estates and accommodation to suit a variety of requirements and budgets. Wellington lies in a beautiful and fertile valley surrounded by mountains – with Groenberg to the North-East and beyond Limietbberg, the Hawequas and the two Sneeukoppe.

Many thousands of years ago, the valley was inhabited by indegenous people, the San and Khoi-Khoi and relics of their implements are still found in the area.

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Today it is a multi-dimensional cultural centre, The Breytenbach Centre.