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"Last year there was definitely some misconceptions that were out about our relationship," Fox told host Wendy Williams Tuesday."And at the time I was writing the book and it was before we made peace," Fox continued. "She then added, "Never say never."Talking about her time with the rapper, Fox told Williams that they were "very much" in love."I think the reason that it's haunted me for such a long time is I found out later that he wanted to propose to me," Fox revealed.

“See that’s what a grown woman does: She owns it.”When asked if she would ever consider getting back with 50, Fox seemed surprisingly open to the idea.“We could start as friends and who knows? And I just wanted to clarify,” she told Wendy at the mark. 50 also hit up the comment section announcing his abstinence while also advising his followers to “stay away from the blue ones.“I did not write this book to get into a feud with him. I was very much in love with him […] I think the reason that it’s haunted me for such a long time is I found out later he wanted to propose to me.”Though Fox claimed she and 50 have since buried the hatchet, the 42-year-old rapper didn't seem too pleased about being discussed on the Wendy Williams Show. It’s not worth it.”You can check out Fox's full interview above.READ Vivica Fox Suggests 50 Cent Is Gay On “WWHL” With Andy Cohen Fox stopped by TV One’s executive would’ve been more fruitful.“He was young, it was new and I think I was at a new part in my career also,” Fox, who is 10 years older than Fif reflected.

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