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Net Support 24-7 now checks blocks of data and only transfers changed data within the file being transferred.The performance benefits are most noticeable on a slow link.Full, High Speed PC Remote Control- Watch or Control the screen, keyboard and mouse of a remote users workstation in seconds.Adjust dynamically the color depth of the session to improve performance when required.Net Support 24-7 provides a range of annotation tools that allow you to draw on their screen, highlight text and much more.Real Time Hardware and Software Inventory reporting of End User PC.If you really want to convert regular visitors in to your clients/customers, you must reach them while they are on your website.Connecting with visitors on REAL Time helps sites visitors to convert into REAL clients/customers and study shows that “Live Chat support” Helps Sites to increase 35% Sales annually.

- As well as real-time reporting, Net Support 24-7 also provides the tools, security permitting, to allow you to remotely stop and start services, end applications and much more.- Conduct an Instant real-time chat session with an End User by them simply clicking on the "click for support" button on your website.A selection of designs are provided for you to choose from (or use your own) and Net Support 24-7 creates the code ready for you to update your own web pages.-All chat sessions are recorded by Net Support 24-7, the History is then available to an Operator if a subsequent request for assistance is raised, and in addition the end user can request a transcript of the conversation and resolution provided which will automatically be sent to their email address.- Customers can identify the nature of their chat request by selecting a pre-defined Question Type or Target such as "sales, support or admin".

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Do you want to convert more of those visitors into clients? Having adequate resources in place is a necessity to effectively win your client and to be able to support their on-going prerequisites as well as their requirements.